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What Is SupplierWeb?

Web-based contractor directory and accreditation system:

  • Allows contractors to provide information, capabilities and services to buyers
  • Automatically manages contractor information
  • Reduces business risk


  • Web-based, accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Access to a wide range of contractors via a directory
  • Buyers have control to manage an approved list of accredited contractors
  • Ability to rate contractor performance and provide recommendation
  • Advanced search capability
  • Contractor performs 90% of the accreditation
  • Rapid approval process
  • Ensures only vetted and approved contractors are used
  • Standardisation of accreditation process


  • Paperless accreditation
  • Real-time tracking of document compliance, e.g. insurance certificates
  • The contractor directory returns all contractors of a particular service along with a tally of their accredited connections with buyers and recommendations from clients
  • Each contractor in the contractor directory has an accessible profile detailing their company info, services they provide & regions that they cover

The Accreditation Process

  • Contractor enters info about their organisation and the services they offer
  • Dynamic contractor question set based upon services selected for accreditation
  • Contractor uploads evidence of accreditation to professional bodies, membership to trade organisations and insurance documents
  • Contractor completes Health and Safety and Legal questionnaires and signs declaration
  • Buyer reviews contractor information for approval
  • Once approved, the contractor is added to the buyers list of accredited contractors
  • Accredited contractors are regularly assessed in areas such as performance, health and safety¸ cost management and sustainability

An example of some of the questions SupplierWeb will ask:

Does your company hold:
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001
  • OHSAS 18001

Does your company plan to hold the above?
  • If so, by when?
  • Do you supply a waste carriers licence?
  • Specific competencies i.e. air-conditioning survey competencies


The TrackRecord Support Desk can provide various forms of assistance dependent upon the needs of the Client:

  • Invitations sent to the contractor
  • Upload of the contractors documentation
  • Approval of contractors
  • Telephone support
  • IT help
  • Guidance and advice through the questionnaire
  • Administrative support helpdesk 9am-5pm Monday to Friday

For further information please contact jonathan.northmore@jacobs.com or telephone 08000 234 107.
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